photograph of Daron Jones looking into the distance

Daron Jones

Creatively lead Senior Web Developer specialising in JavaScript libraries and web development. I enjoy continuous learning and like to use various projects as opportunities to improve my coding ability.


I’m looking for opportunities to work in collaborative idea/skill sharing environments looking for a good all-rounder with solid JavaScript development skills.


I like to explore things that capture my interest by immersing myself into them as much as possible. Although my below interests my look quite broad, they all share similar traits and overlap in several areas. Experiencing the interrelationships between the different interests is quite exciting and often reduces the overwhelming feeling of starting a new venture by making it feel more like continuation of a previous one.

From an early age I found an appreciation and enjoyment in visual form and self expression through the use of art. I enjoy making time to relax into a creative zone where I’m able to try to explore concepts. I enjoy learning new concepts and pushing myself on execution in pursuit of outputting something I can be happy with.
Music production
I’ve always enjoyed the magic of music and well written lyrics and poetry. I’d say that my appreciation with regards to music creation has grown exponentially since dabbling with the creation of my own experimental tracks. My approach to learning it was similar in many ways to the way that I explore art. I bit off small chunks in the form of a new instrument, tool, or effects that I wished to use and explored various concepts using them.
The idea of looking at visual patterns and correlating them to news events and behavioral events has fascinated me since I realised that this could be done as a profession. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m able to make a living from it, however I like that ideas can be expressed as code. I’ve read a lot of books on trading and have even created a few bots.
I started playing poker around 2006 during the big world wide poker boom. I was hooked! I’ve since enjoyed playing regularly and reading the techniques surrounding the game.
Most recently during lockdown, I have been following my interest in creating custom electronics solutions via the Arduino libraries. I’ve loved every second of it and hope to continue working on various experiments using it.